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In Buddhism, Tara is the goddess of health, peace and protection. We chose to name our little crystal rings after this beautiful goddess because we see them as little talisman, here to protect you and channel positive energy - whether you’re a little superstitious or simply feel good looking at your fully bejewelled fingers.


Each ring has an open adjustable band and features a natural gem chunk:
- Citrine (associated with optimism and joy)
- Amethyst (clears the mind of negative thoughts and helps with humility and sincerity)
- Smoky Quartz (probably our favourite from the Quartz family - brings emotional peace and releases from anxiety)
- Dalmatian Jasper (brings forward our playful/child side and protects from nightmares)

- Blue Spot Jasper (known for its healing powers on the body and helps building inner strength)


- Brass open claw ring
- Mixed gem - ranging from 10 - 20 mm size wise
- Gold plated


Each piece is gold plated in London. In order to preserve your jewellery piece, make sure to avoid contact with perfume, sprays and remove before showering.

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