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"Aesthete" - a person who is appreciative of and sensitive to art and beauty.

As potentially pretentious it is to go around describing yourself as an "aesthete" I truly believe this sums up who we are. We are not formally creatively trained, but have both always been inexplicably drawn to beauty, design and art in a range of forms.

I've always been one to stop and smell the roses, peering closer to marvel at the minuscule perfect symmetry of dusty pollen powdered stamens. Anything glitter covered goes in my pocket, along with smooth pebbles, feathers and pretty business cards. As a child I busied myself making my own paints and pigments, learning to crochet, googling watercolour techniques, pressing flowers, folding origami and teaching myself amateur calligraphy. At school I excelled in photography and fine arts - drawing inspiration from consuming obsessions with art theory, the esoteric and myths and legends.

Despite all this I eventually went on to become a dentist which was a brilliant career (for the 3 years I practiced) but I was constantly pulled back to my ever growing creative tendencies. The choice to take a break, move countries and pursue something completely different was thrilling and terrifying and certainly not something I could deem a 'financial success' or 'sensible life choice'. However, discovering a kindred spirit in Juliette and starting Petite Lune has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life and continues to surprise me in so many ways.

It's certainly not the end of a journey, we hope it's just the start......of something completely mad, yet full of joy :)

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