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Mille et Une Nuits is French for One Thousand and One Nights, also known as Arabian Nights, and obviously refers to the collection of Middle Eastern tales from the Islamic Golden Age. 

In this fantasy, we imagine Persian Princesses and Sultans, dressed head to toe in the most opulent finery. We see luxurious palaces and gardens, where trees grow colourful gems instead of fruits.

And then the sun goes down, leaving a dark navy sky, speckled with gold stars, hanging low above the minarets and blushing dust rooftops. Intricate glass lanterns spill gentle rainbow candlelight. And here she appears, with her face hidden by a sheer scarf. She melts into the night until all that is left is a trace of her ambrosial perfume.


And yes, when we feel the fantasy, it is real to us!

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