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Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp


Utterly oozy and curvy, this tactile piece is inspired by the ultimate 90's teen bedroom must have - a lava lamp! It's incredible how many hours could be spent staring into the mesmerising rise and fall of the colourful blobs.

We think we've captured this visual just right - with the glowing orange cubic zirconia cabochons, eternally trapped in a casing of molten, drippy metal. A fun and statement piece for sure!

The crackling effect of the stones happened during the casting process (an uncertain one sometimes when it comes to stone-in-place casting) and was not intended. However we thought this was not detracting from the piece and that's why we're offering this necklace at a discounted price.

Each piece is created with stones and jeweller's wax, which we carve and then cast. This is called the lost wax technique (where the wax is melted out and replaced by molten metal). We then hand polish and finish each piece, before sending them to be gold plated in London's Hatton Garden district.

- Brass stone-in-place cast Lava Lamp inspired pendant
- Bright orange Cubic Zirconia (cracked during casting process)
- Brass oval cable chain 4 x 2 mm
- Lobter clasp + hand-stamped tag
- Brass findings
- Total circumference length approx. 52.5 cm
- Gold plated

Each piece is gold plated in London. In order to preserve your jewellery piece, make sure to avoid contact with perfume, sprays and remove before showering and hand washing.

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