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Melusine is a faerie, usually a fresh water spirit (for example, of a well or river) and typically depicted as half female, half serpent or fish - similar to a mermaid, though sometimes with wings.

This ring, with its dramatic black pear shaped stone and fairytale proportions, is steeped in magic. The band is hand carved with starry details, and set with black Cubic Zirconia crystals. It is dark elegance at its very finest.

Each piece is created with stones and wax, which we then shape, carve and cast. This is called the lost wax technique (where the wax is melted out and replaced by molten metal!) We then hand polish and finish each piece, before sending them to be gold plated in London's Hatton Garden district.
Each of these rings is completely unique and one of a kind. They can never be reproduced exactly the same.

- Brass casted ring
- Large black Cubic Zirconia pear crystal + small black CZ round crystals
- Non-adjustable ring - size N 1/2
- Gold plated

Each piece is gold plated in London. In order to preserve your jewellery piece, make sure to avoid contact with perfume, sprays and remove before showering.

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