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Our jewellery clearly translates our fascination for snakes. After a bit of searching, I found out that not only do snakes represent fertility, but also a creative life force. The snake shedding its skin evoques rebirth and the potential for transformation. I feel like this obviously speaks to us humans, who go through life and its many phases, changing and evolving from our experiences.

The fine flat curb chain is simply threaded through our signature statement cast serpent pendant. We’ve spent time thinking of its shape, its versatility, its organic but solid feel. Each pendant is hand finished and polished, with lots of care and love.

- Brass cast snake pendant, approx. 42 x 20 mm
- Brass fancy link chain
- Brass findings
- Lobster clasp + hand stamped tag
- Total circumference length approx. 47.5 cm
- Gold plated

Each piece is gold plated in London. In order to preserve your jewellery piece, make sure to avoid contact with perfume, sprays and remove before showering.

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