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Sugar Plum Fairy - Kaleidoscope earrings

Sugar Plum Fairy - Kaleidoscope earrings


Part of our one of a kind Kaleidoscope collection, these earrings are inspired by the glorious glowing stained glass as well as this nostalgic childhood fascination with kaleidoscopes.

This particular piece is inspired by the soft pastel sugar dusted sweetness of ballerinas, and in particular the iconic Sugar Plum Fairy of the classic Christmas ballet - The Nutcracker.
These earrings feature shades of green, pink and violet, that shimmer and scintillate in the sun. These beauties are finished with a large round gumball freshwater pearl, like a cherry on top.
The perfect special party piece.

The intent is truly to capture the magic of peeking through a kaleidoscope, and spending hours mesmerised by the unique, ever changing, rainbow patterns. These earrings are truly unique beauties.

Each is firstly hand carved (by us!) from wax. The stones are lovingly selected and set directly into the wax patterns. Then they are cast via the ancient lost wax technique, where the wax is melted out and replaced by molten metal.
The metal holds the stones in place creating a one of a kind piece - no two will ever by nature be the same.

The earrings are hand polished and finished by us before being sent for their final enrobement in gold. Cubic zirconias and rubies are used as they are hard enough to withstand the intense heat of the direct metal casting. They are super sparkly and particularly beautiful when held up to the light.

Dreamt up, hand made and finished entirely in London - we hope these will be treasured as modern heirlooms.

- Sterling Silver stone-in-place cast pendants
- Mix of colourful Cubic Zirconias and natural rubies
- Round freshwater pearls
- Sterling Silver hook earring findings
- Total length approx. 7 cm
- Gold plated
- Hallmarked

Each piece is gold plated in London. In order to preserve your jewellery piece, make sure to avoid contact with perfume, sprays and remove before showering.

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