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At Petite Lune Studio we are constantly inspired to create new jewellery pieces. We love the idea of variety - more is always more! But we prefer not to design by season. Instead, we have created little “Universes”, each one a collection of ideas that are loosely based on a particular aesthetic, inspiration. We constantly curate these Universes, adding new jewellery and refining things little by little. Welcome to our Fantasy Worlds!

Young Hearts Illustration, Baz Luhrmann Romeo + Juliet inspired jewellery universe, young love, forbidden love
Constellations Illustration, gold celestial inspired jewellery universe, celestial gold jewellery, celestial fantasy
The Occult Illustration, mystic witch inspired jewellery universe, gold crystal jewellery, protection gems
Mille et une nuits Illustration, One Thousand and one Nights Illustration, oriental inspired gold jewellery universe
Spangled Vintage Circus Illustration, festival inspired jewellery universe, vintage inspired jewellery
Siren Song Illustration, mermaid inspired gold jewellery universe
Woodland Illustration, nature inspired gold jewellery universe, mystic forest, mystic woods
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