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Introducing our Cabinet of Curiosities

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If you somehow made your way to this page:

Welcome to our Cabinet of Curiosities!

This space is where we share our inspirations and projects. A cabinet of curiosity (Cabinet of Wonders in German - how amazing!) refers to a room where notable objects of all kinds are stored - like a gallery for anything worthy of attention or remarkable to the curator. And this is what this space is to us, with a jewellery twist, of course. We want to share what we get up to, little creative side projects and our process. So we can keep a trace of an evolution, at least for us. Hopefully whoever happens to read these lines finds interesting information or even inspiration for creative activities.

As self-taught makers, blogs have played an essential part in accessing information and knowledge. We'd love to contribute now too, in our own very modest way. We’ll be sharing our tips, good places for supplies (physical and online) and methods.

For nearly five years now, we’ve been reserving Fridays for our jewellery meetings. Friday is our Play Day! We usually meet around lunch and a bottle of wine, with gossip for starters. And then, we move on to Play Time - making jewellery all afternoon, living our Dream Life for the day. Over time, we’ve experimented with various materials and techniques: from polymer clay and resin to bead-weaving, embroidery and painting. Documenting and sharing these experiments is what our Cabinet of Curiosities is all about.

We're so excited to show you more!


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