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During the slow days of the first 2020 lockdown the time trickled by like warm molasses. We were enjoying the novelty of working from home, living like dozy caterpillars in a uncertain fuzzy cocoon. It was perhaps not oddly, a time of wakening creativity for many faced with more time at home and empty schedules like never before. For me it gave me the chance to return to creating some more physical art pieces.

Recently most of my creative output has been poured into Petite Lune, designing and creating the jewellery and brand with Juliette, with the odd bit of random crafting on the side. The last time I seriously spent time creating visual art was in high school (more than a decade ago, thank you for asking) where I had the luxury of time and space to plan and dream up the weird and wonderful. One of my final year artworks was a large scale collage inspired by religion, Romeo+Juliet and kitsch. It included all manner of printed media, embroidery, fake flowers, candle wax, tiny rhinestones and even tiny working lightbulbs.

I've always been very drawn to and inspired by surrealism - the more dreamlike and whimsical the better! I love collages that have a touch of vintage, often juxtaposed with super futuristic elements. The best bit about creating collages is literally the unlimited possibilities, the piece evolves as you create it.

Some collage artists I currently follow and love are Ciara Phelan, Fajar P Domingo and Ben Lewis Giles.

Fajar P. Domingo Ben Lewis Giles

Ben Lewis Giles

Ciara Phelan

I love adding not just mixed print media but different textures and tactile elements. For example, finishing a piece with embroidery, glitter, dried flowers or gold foil. Don't worry if it's kitsch, contrived, meaningless or pastiche - it's all yours, and who's judging this anyway?!

My style of work often falls heavily in the aesthetic zone. Sometimes it's inspired by a memory, concept, song, literature, a particular style or artist. Sometimes it just simply visually pleasing to me.

Colour combinations are super important - which also filters through to when we design new pieces for Petite Lune! My dream job as a child was to be the one who gets to name the paint colour chart samples. Weirdo that I was (am!) I made colour lists of Neon Moss Forest, Amethyst Mist etc. for fun. Each hue can be pinpointed so perfectly in a way that speaks to you and your perception of the world - try it if you ever have the inclination!

Isn't this colour combination chart heavenly? (from Pinterest)

Let me start by sharing with you one of the first pieces I did during lockdown. It's a very classic collage style with a mix of acrylic paint, magazine and print cut outs, gold foil and embroidery.

Initial layout to get the general feel of the piece

Acrylic paint background laid down with (imitation) gold leaf.

As you can see, I don't exactly use fancy stuff for this. The collage pieces are all collected from random postcards, bits and bobs, magazines etc. Using good old Pritt craft glue and standard blank canvases from Great Art. I always like to have a little stash of blank canvases handy in a variety of shapes and sizes!

Collage bits all glued down with a few added paint details.

Sunray gold thread embroidered details added.

Et Voila! 'Quarantine Queen ft. Tim Walker'

Now, don't go thinking I peg myself as the next Dali - it's a bit of fun and a great way to create some interesting pieces for your walls :)

Make a few and mix and match them, they're also great muddled amongst other prints, posters and photos - like a collage within a collage!


Well that's it from me for now, stay tuned for more collages and a foray into fluid art/acrylic pouring :D

By Kat


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